Don't join chesty friends .com

Cicero, Illinois 4 comments

I joined this site for 1 month 29.95 all the profiles are way out of date it says they were on line more than 1 month ago maybe they were never online.I emailed alot winked at 50 1 woman viewed me this is a rip off a waste of money most internet dating sites are a money rip off this is worst site i ever tried .

NEVER TRY CHESTY FRIENDS.COM A RIP OFF.i emailed them asked if profiles are current and suggested that they specify exatly when people were last online like how many days no response back do not join this site.

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Savannah, Georgia, United States #839537

I knew something was wrong but I just didnt want to see. I thought it would be so cool to date by breast size that I spent hours uploading pictures and building a "verified profile" I was planning on getting a subscription after I was verified but I think you guys confirmed what I already suspected.


Buncombe, Illinois, United States #760747

Thanks, I won't.I was a free member and was considering trying it out for a bit.

But not now. Thanks loads. I hope they go out of business.

POF too.They suck balls.


After spending ages filling out a profile the account was suspended without reason and a letter asking why? to their support address had me removed from the database. I hadn't paid so I couldn't contact anyone but the search database appeared very small and the fact that the 'last active' date was invisible leads to the suspicion that it ain't all it purports to be.


thanks. if you look on their facebook page, most of them aren't well endowed at all.

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